K & A Products

To all of our loyal cow poop customers...we have bad news. The EPA has forced us to shut our doors.We can not afford the outrageous amount of money it will take for us to comply and register with the insecticide division. Here's how it works, there are 31 active ingredients that the EPA consider as a repellent for mosquitoes, if it isn't one of them, then it is up to the product owner to prove that it is. This process can take up to 13 months and can cost up to $80,000. The format of the insecticide division is not made for small businesses, and since we are a two woman operation we have been forced to close our doors, but we hope and pray that in the future we will be able to afford to re-establish our business. Our sincere apologizes  to our thousands of customers that know our product works!

Thanks so much!


Amy Enlow & Kia Poulos

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