Almost 5’ tall

Holds 20 bags

5 Buckets

5 Plates

10” X 14”  Burlap bags

Stuffed full with dried

cow poop chunks

6” terra-cotta plate

for smoldering on

non-windy days

2.5 qt metal pail

for breezy days and carrying purposes

Welcome to the home of the Cow Poop Ladies!

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Grass eating animals’ poop has been used all over the world as a mosquito repellent...

In Egypt camel poop is burned to repel biting flies

In Alaska where mosquitoes are extreme in the spring, they burn cow or horse poop to repel them off their horses

In Australia sheep poop is burned to repel biting flies

In Africa, elephant poop is burned to repel mosquitoes.

On survivalist shows like:

Man Vs Wild, Bear Grylls has used smoldering cow poop on several episodes to repel mosquitoes while surviving the wilderness.

Survivorman, Les Stroud has used smoldering cow and sheep poop on more than 10 episodes from the Amazon jungle to the Sahara Desert all to repel mosquitoes and biting flies

Suggested use for K&A mosquito repellent:

Remove a chunk of dried poop from a bag, lite on fire, let smolder, place on a non-burning safe surface. At your next outside BBQ, tailgating party, camping trip with the kids, going fishing or just chillin’ on the porch and it smells like burning grass!

And if you aren’t afraid of West Nile Virus or have no mosquitoes or any biting flies, or don’t mind spraying chemicals all over your body, then you can put this whole bag in a bucket of water to make poop tea and water your garden or flowers.

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(817) 439-1983

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Helpful Tips:

If you're trying to cover a larger area, then you would use a large chunk that puts out more smoke and smolders for a longer amount of time. When it's a smaller area that you are trying to repel mosquitoes from, use smaller chunks which will put out less smoke for less time. If you need more time but less smoke, use smaller pieces and line them up end to end. This will achieve the same amount of smoke, but give you longer time. A jet lighter is the easiest way to lite, but a regular flame lighter works as well.

Suggestive uses from our customers:

*We have a customer that carries his bucket aboard his pontoon boat when fishing.

*Another puts a bucket under the trampoline while her gran kids are out jumping.

*A soccer mom takes a bucket along to watch her kids practice so she and her friends can be mosquito free.

*A friend and customer who owns a horse ranch, burns our mosquito repellent in a big barrel inside her barn while her horses are out to clear the barn of mosquitoes before the horses return for the night.

*We have several tail-gaters who have buckets smoldering around their RVs for the all day/all nite parties.

*Us personally, we carry our bucket to the garden when watering or picking, weeding the flower beds, working in the shop, fishing on the dock, out by the hot tub, and even to outdoor parties. And if you have any other suggestions we would love to hear what you use our product for, look us up on Face Book "THE COW POOP LADIES" 

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